Monday, 17 September 2018

Anatomical's Face Mask Review

Hello you lovely people

Well that's us  in September already. Ill do another little life update post in a little while.

Todays post is a review post on some gorgeous Anatomicals face masks
The 3 face masks I was kindly sent

The first mask I decided to give ago was "The hottie is never spotty" this is an anti-blemish mask. 
This mask from the start was amazing, it smelt absolutely gorgeous and felt amazing on my skin, it was almost as if you could feel it working right underneath. i left the mask on for the recommended time as stated on the back of the sachet and then washed it off using some warm water. straight away i could see my skin looked less red and blotchy and it felt so clean and smooth. I thoroughly recommend this mask if you want your skin to look clearer and cleaner!

The second mask i tried was "I feel the need, the need for seaweed", this is a bright turquoise mask that tingles as soon as it hits your skin. I used this on a fairly warm day and felt some relief from the heat by using this mask, after washing it off my skin felt great but not as nice as the other two masks- sorry guys this wasnt my favourite mask! 

 The final mask i tried was the "look you've got chocolate all over your face". This mask reminds me of the lush cupcake face mask in the way of the smell, the texture and the way it left my skin feeling. I felt like i was smothering chocolate icing over my skin and it felt amazing. when it came to washing it off it came off like a breeze and left my skin feeling extremely hydrated! This was certainly my favourite mask and I will definitely be buying this again.

Final thoughts
So my final thoughts for these masks: I love the face they come in sachets instead of tubes as if you get a mask your not so happy with your not wasting a whole load of product. But I really wish you did a tube with the chocolate mask as this was my absolute favourite. 

Anatomicals also sell shampoo and body care products, im particularly fond of " sud the lot of you" mango body cleanser. 

visit there website and find out more now.

thanks for reading 

Lauren xox

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