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JENGbA - Justice For Trewen Kevern Fundraising Event 21/04/2018

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  Welcome back to my blog. Today's post is a little different to my usual content, this post is about an awareness and fundraising event I attended. This event was to share the awareness needed for JENGbA which stands for: Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association. 
A definition of Joint Enterprise is:
 "Joint Enterprise is a Common Law used against common people that makes no common sense."

Who are JENGbA?
JENGbA  are a grassroots campaign, run by volunteers. As with all grassroots campaigns the work behind opposing the might of the legal establishment has been an uphill battle. It was a role taken on mainly by women (mothers, sisters, aunties and cousins but also heartbroken dads and uncles) who will not rest while their loved ones are serving mandatory life sentences for crimes committed by others. JENGbA was created by the legal establishment, it was not a campaign that came out of nowhere; it was precisely because the use of joint enterprise was unjust, unfair and discriminatory towards working class and BAME communities that we were forced to form JENGbA.

Who Is Trewen Kevern?

Trewen is a 24-year-old man who is from Cornwall with Autism and various other health conditions. On the 21st December 2016, Trewen was Wrongly convicted of Murder in which he did not commit. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 20 years to be serviced before he can apply for parole. The victim of the crime was a 72 year old gentleman who Trewen and his family all called "Granddad" after he supported Trewens sister and her children after a relationship breakdown. While Trewens sister was staying at her parents Granddad would pop in to see her, her little boys and the rest of the family to make sure she was okay. He helped Trewens dad redecorate the flat that Trewens sister lived in ready for her to move back in.  
Trewen was first Arrested in July 2014, 7 months after The crime was committed by a 34 year male who did not like Granddad yet he murdered him for his life savings. The male in question was a cousin to Trewens Mum and was living at Trewens sisters after his own family did not want anything to do with him as he was bringing trouble to their door so he ended up at the flat. 
After Trewen was arrested in July 2014 he was granted conditional bail which the conditions were he could not have contact with his parents, his sister or his girlfriend. 
The case went to trial in April 2015 after both pleaded not guilty to the Murder.  after 5 weeks on the 21st May 2015 the 34 year old male was found guilty of Murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 28 years to serve, Trewen had a hung jury meaning no decision could be reached.  The male who was found guilty later won his appeal to a retrial which took place in November and December 2016 which is where Trewen was then found guilty. His family are now fighting to get Trewen home where he rightfully belongs.

The Fundraising and Awareness Event
Phyllis, Trewens mum and his family had the idea to hold an awareness and fundraising event with all proceeds going to JENGbA to support them with helping families get their loved ones back. It started on the Friday 20th April when Phyllis and Trewens Auntie Jean spent a few hours outside of the local shop and post office with a bake sale and talking to local people about what JENGbA do and most people know Trewen from the community and playing a large part of the church family. Many of the people who they spoke to were very positive about helping to raise awareness.  Theres always going to be some negativity but the positivity always outways the negative responses. 

On Saturday(21st) the event was officially opened by the Mayor and Mayoress of Falmouth Grenville and June Chapple. Throughout the morning everybody chipped in to get the local community centre ready for the afternoon, There were so many people wanting to help out, whether that be setting up and running a stall, running the raffle, the tombola and the clothes rummage. There was a cafe area which was selling homemade pasties, sausage rolls and quiche, and also selling sweet treats such as brownies, cupcakes and scones. 
There was entertainment for children with the bouncy castle, face painting and glitter body art. 


Phyllis had an Autism and JENGbA information point where there were many stories about many people who had been wrongly convicted, these are mainly young men who have a disability such as Austism or ADHD. Tigger was there to give advice on austim and how it affects the brain and its functions.

Anna Gillett who is labour mp for falmouth and truro also attended and left this statement on her Facebook Page which says:
Yesterday I attended an event at the Draceana Centre in Falmouth. A fundraising afternoon organised by the phenomenal family of Trewen Kevern who has been convicted of murder under Joint Enterprise.
As a mother to a son who is autistic, I can clearly identify failings in the system that make this scenario all too plausible.

I was deeply moved to hear Trewen's mum bravely share the story of her son's trial. I hope he will be home soon. I have promised to do what I can to raise awareness and bring this family back together.

No one is asking for the law to be ignored, but, it is vital that safe guarding is observed. That all people are supported and their human rights observed to reach a safe conviction.

A Joint Enterprise conviction means that, basically, someone is guilty by association. There are many incidents of mainly, young men. Commonly, these young men are discernable by their race and/or their neurological difference.
This is an issue for institutional reform and repair. More widely, we need to build a society where we can embrace our difference and the rule of law is observed to benefit all of us.
Solidarity with all the friends and families fighting for justice for their loved ones"  
Overall between Friday and Saturday a total of £350 was raised for JENGbA, this was also down to the sales of the JENGbA wristbands.

I have included a small selection of photos of Trewen's family and friends below.


Finally, I have included some links where you can find out more about Joint Enterprise, Autism and join Trewens page on facebook.

I thank you for taking your time to read this post. It means alot to Trewens family and friends.

Lauren xox


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