Friday, 2 March 2018

Blogger Tag Post

Happy Weekend everyone!

Today I am doing a blogger tagged post that was tagged to me last year by my Blogger Ball friend Chloe from The Northern Girl's Guide To Living In London - find Chloe's Blog here. She's given me 11 questions to answer for you all. So here goes:

  1. What’s your ultimate pet hate?
    My Ultimate pet hate has to be when your waiting for an appointment somewhere for example the Dr's surgery or at the nail place and there is so many seats that are empty yet people still come and still next to you, I absolutely cannot stand this and it really does wind me up. 
  2. What’s your favourite animal ?
    My favourite animal is a cat, I had a cat when i was younger she was called fly and she was my baby even though she was older than me when she died.
  3. What would be your death row meal?
    My death row meal is a tough one, i would be stuck between a rare steak with all the trimmings and a massive beef and pork carvery with pigs in blankets and lots of crackling, it would have to be worth it after all?
  4. Where’s your favourite city ?
    My favourite city is again a tough one, I love London but its really too busy for my liking so i would have to say either Cardiff or Bristol, more so cardiff as they have a Disney store. 
  5. If you could choose only one to use what would it be? Twitter/Instagram/Facebook?
    It would have to be Instagram, I love sharing photos of my day or slimming world meals and I love finding inspiration from other peoples profiles, especially meal ideas for slimming world.
  6. What’s your favourite cuisine?
    My favourite food has to be a decent Chinese meal, Me and Karl have been to Sizzall in Plymouth a few times they have amazing food there and at a decent price, Also I love Honeymoons in Barnstaple, they do the best crispy lamb with plum sauce. I really want to take to Karl to Zaa Zaa Bazar in Bristol habour, they do food from all over the world and it tastes absolutley amazing.
  7. Least favourite household chore?
    My least favourite job is the vacuuming, not because i have a massive great house to hoover but because its so heavy to lug about the place.
  8. If you’ve ever been to London what’s your favourite thing about it?
    My favourite thing about London has to be the museums, especially the Science museum and the cabinet war rooms. I love history and war time history in particular. The war rooms remind me of the Victorian and Blitz village in Flambards down in Cornwall.
  9. What’s your ultimate blogging tip?
  10. My best blogging tip is to always plan what you are going to be posting, this is the ultimate thing between a successful post and an unsuccessful post and how many people you influence from it. 
  11. Who’s your favourite blogger (big or small)?
    My favourite blogger is Kelly from You, Me And The 6 C's you can find her blog here. Its all about her 5 kids, the dog and all things planning, dancing and cooking. I love watching her Youtube videos as well makes my day waiting for her daily vlog and planner videos. Find her channel here.
  12. And finally, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
    My Pappy always told me to " Make hay while the sun shines" about the hours at work, if they are there take them and make the most of them. He passed away in january and he will always be my hero and nobody can take that away from me. 

    I really hope you've all enjoyed reading a little bit more about me and what I like. 
Many thanks for reading and keep a look out for the upcoming collaborations I have.

Lauren xox 

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