Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sorry Ive been away

Good Afternoon Friends

Just to start I want to apologise for the lack of content the last few months. Life has been hectic; Ive moved house into 2 bed flat, ive got a new job closer to home and just had alot of family issues happening including my pappy passing away 3 weeks ago.

But im back and have so much content to post about and get out to my readers. I will also be going back to YouTube over the upcoming weeks with slimming world posts, blogger mail posts and many more exciting things.
Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of raffles and giveaways on Youtube and Instagram where i will be doing a range of different giveaways such as slimming world giveaways and beauty giveaways.

Thank you For staying loyal to me and i look forward to coming back to entertain you.

I leave you a photo of my pappy as a remembrance.

Lauren xxx

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