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Betty Collective Box September 2017

Good Afternoon and Happy Monday
Welcome back to my blog and happy 1st of October. Hasn't it turned autumnal. I personally love this time of year. Bring on the winter boots and scarves. 

Today's post is all about Betty Collective
 Pink Parcels little sister box. Betty is focused primarily on teenagers with its bright colours and funky shapes on the packaging. The website works just like Pink Parcel where you chose what products you want whether that be tampons by Tampax or u by Kotex, pads by Always or Bodyform or a mixed box of both all in a variety of absorbency depending on your flow. They also asl about your cycle including how many days it is and how many days do you bleed for. The only exception to Betty Collective is that you can chose the exact date you want delievered choosing any date between the 1st ans the 28th of each month where as Pink Parcel gives you a choice of 3 dates a month. 

So in box itself can fit through 92% of uk letterboxes and is packaged discreatly so nobody will know what is inside the packaging. The box inside the packaging is amazing with the bright colours and random shapes such as stripes and circles. 

As you can see the inside of the main box has 3 smaller boxes and a pouch. 
The pouch is handy to keep in your bag for when your out and about or at school as you can easily take it to the toilet without anyone knowing whats inside and contains pads or tampons and 5 light liners. One box says for later which contains either the pads or the tampons you have chosen, another box says for night which contain 5 night pads regardless of if you ordered pads or tampons and the final box says for you which i will go in to more below.
For you Box 
The for you box is the most excited box, it contains a range of beauty and general treats, sweet treats and a lovely drink to help you through the worst time of the month. In the Septembers Betty box the following was received and even though im 23 i was so impressed with what was in the box.
  • Joe and Sephs salted caramel popcorn- sweet and salty
  • 3 MontyBojangles truffles in Butterscotch, choccy and orange flavours
  • Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in OMG! Dying
  • Stablio Boss highlighter in pastel green
  • Unicorn sticky notes by bic
  • The good karma llama iron on badge
  • 2 Tzone charcoal and bamboo nose pore strips
  • Chirp hair mask
  • Bubble T cosmetics Moroccan mint lip balm
I was so amazed with the products that were received in the Betty box and with all of this plus the tampons, pads and liners i got all for £12 including postage and packing. i would spend more than that on just sanitary products alone every month so getting the treats is a gorgeous extra.

You can get more information about the Betty collective and information about periods and general   life advice such as fashion, growing up and joke from the website here Betty Collective .

Be sure to check them out and also check out my Twitter and Instagram accounts where i have an exciting collaboration and give away coming soon. 

Thanks for reading everyone 


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