Monday, 8 May 2017

What a week it's been!

Hello lovely ladies and gents

Well it's been a hectic week. I ended up in hospital last Monday, yes bank holiday which really sucked. I went to the Minor Injuries Unit which is about 8 miles from my house as i had a temperature of 40.9'C which then went up to 41.4'C and I couldn't get it to come down even with paracetamol and ibruprofen. The week before this i was given anti-biotics for a UTI and Kidney infection but they didnt work. So as i was saying i headed over the the local MIU and i went in straight away as it was empty. The nurse practitioner seen me and told me that i needed to head to the main hospital about 11 miles away from the MIU  as i needed to be seen by the doctor at the out of hours service.

We got to the main hospital and i went into the doctors and hoped i didnt need to wait to long as i was in quite alot of pain and it was really uncomfortable. i got there and registered then was told to do a urine sample for the doctor to test and see whats going on. By this point i hadn't eaten since the saturday as i just wasnt able to keep anything down and was fed up of been really sick. The Doctor called me though and he was really nice. He checked my temperature and it had come down a little bit, he checked my pulse, blood pressure and dipped my urine and said that i had an infection which needed treating with IV antibiotics and painkillers so he called the on-call doctor, who told said i had to go to the surgical admissions unit.

I went up to the unit and was given a wrist band and put on a trolley as i was been sick. The doctor came and put a cannula in and the nurse took some blood to send off. then i was given some antisickness medication and some IV painkillers to make me feel more comfortable.  I was evenually moved to a comfy bed about 2 am the following morning. i felt so much better in a comfy bed where i could make myself into a certain position to get comfy and take less pressure off my back.

The next day was a blur and i spent most of it sleeping and been given painkillers and antisickness medications. the wednesday came the first of two scans which was of my bladder and ovaries to check they werent causing the problem which they werent thank god.  Thursday was another scan to check my kidneys after having 2 days of been catheterised due to retention.This scan showed that my left kidney was swollen by a condition called hydronephosis.

ive been waiting 12 months for this diagnosis, i was discharged on the friday and now have a follow up on wednesday with the nephrologist (renal consultant)   and hopefully with give me some more answers.

im going to leave this post here as its getting a bit long winded.

thanks for reading

Lauren xoxo

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