Thursday, 20 April 2017

UFIT Protein Drink review

Good Afternoon to you lovely people

Today's post is all about the gorgeous protein drinks from UFIT. First of all, i would like to say a massive thank you to Heather at UFIT for been so so helpful and for been so kind when sending out these drinks.

As many of you know I'm doing slimming world and currently just over 1 stone down and have started the gym so needed some sort of protein drink to keep me going, this is where Heather came in. she was kind enough to send out 4 varieties of their drinks, I was sent the following 4 flavours:  the lactose-free vanilla shake, the chocolate flavour shake, the iced latte shake and finally the strawberry flavour collagen and beauty milk.

All 4 flavours tasted absolutely delicious when they were fresh from the fridge, each tasted smooth and not how usual protein shakes taste.

Here is some nutritional information which i have taken from the UFIT website which i will link below.
 "UFIT is packed with 22g of protein goodness with added fibre, vitamins and minerals. Made from milk protein, UFIT is designed to support the demands of an active lifestyle.

What’s inside?

  • 22g essential protein
  • 3.2g heart healthy fibre
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • No added sugar "


"UFIT is our best selling high protein nutrition drink, specifically formulated with passion and goodness to support busy and healthy lifestyles! UFIT comes in a delicious chocolate or strawberry flavour and is bursting with 22g of protein and added vitamins and minerals. Just pop one in your bag or grab one at any time during the day for the healthiest, high protein snack."

you can purchase UFIT in a case of 8 shakes for £16.99 and the link for purchasing can be found here UFIT SHOP

Thank you again Heather for been so kind and sending out these for me to review and I look forward to purchasing more of these gorgeous drinks. 

Love and hugs to all my readers 
Lauren xoxo


  1. Hi Ive just come across your blog and wanted to say how interesting i found it, Im always on the look out for something to help me during my gym session and Duathalon training so i might look into these a bit more. :)

  2. Hey MissyJx
    Thank you for checking out my blog. They are definitely worth checking out, they really helped me while at the gym and will be buying more very soon! Good luck with your training x


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