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Spatone Liquid Iron Reivew

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Todays blog post is my review on the Spatone Liquid Iron that was kindly sent to me by Laura at Spatone.

Heres a little bit of infomation about Spatone before I get into my review. (Information has been taken from the Spatone website found here - Spatone )

 "Spatone is a naturally occurring iron-rich water which is collected and packed straight from the source in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales. We collect it, we filter it and we fill it straight into our convenient, easy-to-open sachets. 
Suitable for vegetarians - No artificial colours - Gluten free

The iron in Spatone is highly absorbable

It is not actually how much iron we consume that matters but the amount of iron that our body is able to absorb. The absorption of iron is a very complex process and iron is generally recognised as a mineral that is difficult for our system to absorb. Spatone has been scientifically shown to have a bioavailability of iron (the amount of iron available to be absorbed) average of 40%*. This is much higher than the iron absorption from food sources (5 - 15%).

Spatone is gentle on the stomach

Since the iron in Spatone is easily absorbed, you only need to take a small quantity to get your entire nutrient reference value (NRV) of absorbed iron. This is why Spatone leads to fewer of the side effects often associated with conventional iron food supplements such as constipation, stomach irritation or headaches.
Each sachet of Spatone only contains 5mg of elemental iron but with an average absorption of 40% you will get all the iron your body needs without having to excrete too much iron.

Spatone is suitable during pregnancy

Some women when they are pregnant may need extra iron because the baby needs the iron it gets from the mother to grow and develop. Spatone is suitable for use in pregnancy but always check with your Doctor or midwife before you start taking it.

Spatone is also available with a delicious Apple taste.Spatone Apple combines 100% natural iron rich water with a delicious apple taste and added vitamin C, which aids the absorption of iron."

Now onto my Review, The reason I contacted spatone was that i was really suffering with  been extortionately tired all the time and after having an iron test at my gp's surgery told me that my iron level was lower than normal it wasnt low enough to require iron tablets, That where Laura at Spatone came in. I popped an email to Nelsons (The company of Spatone ) and Laura kindly emailed me back almost instantly. She said she would kindly send me a box of the liquid iron supplements. The package arrived last weekend and this is what i received. 

Laura Kindly sent me 28 days worth of the apple flavor liquid iron. I was a little ambiguous about what they would taste like as i've tried liquid iron before and it wasn't very pleasant to taste but Spatone is very different. It has a fresh apple taste and doesnt leave an unpleasant after taste in your mouth. After just a few days of taking Spatone i found already that my energy levels had become more bearable and i wasn't feeling so tired. I will continue to take the sachets everyday and see what a difference it makes over the month.

To purchase Spatone you can visit their online shop below

Once again a massive thank you to Laura and thank you everyone for supporting my blog. 

Lauren xox 

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