Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Glossybox June 2016 review

Hello everyone 

I just want to apologise for the delay in posting this review. Its just taken ages as I didn't want to ruin the box but I bit the bullet and opened it. 

So June was my first ever glossybox and I was so excited about it arriving. Sadly the day it got delivered I was at work so I had to wait 😔 and go and pick it up from the post office delivery centre two days Later! When i got to the delivery centre there was two glossy boxes there which I couldn't understand because I only ordered one. 

I couldn't wait to get home and open it. As soon as I got back I sat down and literally ripped the outside packaging off. And this is what I got. 
I could not get over how gorgeous the box design was. Even though it was a simple pink colour with the Glossybox logo on the top with "Glossybox" embossed also. The box is of amazing quality and really sturdy so the box is a definite keeper to store things in after. I'm the top of the box came a card saying welcome to Glossybox and the Glossybox magazine telling you all the products that are in the box. There was a beautiful ribbon around the tissue paper with the Glossybox sticker over the top. 

The first item in the box was the starskin bio-cellulose soothing eye catcher gel sheets. These are meant to help soothe dark circles and bags under your eyes as I got the two boxes I saved one to take pictures of and used the products out the other one. So trying these I followed the instructions of leaving them on for 20 minutes as instructed. After removing the sheets I have to be honest my eyes dos look brighter and felt tighter which I was amazed at. This was a full size product and the RRP for this is £8 I think. 

The next item in the box was from Aussie, it was their 3 minute conditioning reconstructer for damaged hair. I've not got around using this product yet but having used it in the past I know how well it works already. It smells absolutely Devine and I know I'll definitely be purchasing the full size product of this when I get paid. The sachet of this costs around £1.50 and the full size around £6 in all major supermarkets and shops such as boots and superdrug

Next up is a lip and cheek tint from a company called emite make up. This is another full size product it's a really really nice deep pink colour and really shows up on your lips. If I'm honest I wouldn't have a clue how to use it on my cheeks 😂 I really wouldn't. It's an amazing colour though and like I said its lush on my lips. The RRP on this is £12.50 

Next up is a product from a company called ladival they have kindly send out a full size product of their sun protection cream in spf 15. I've not tried this yet as the British summer just hasn't let me. So I honestly can do a proper review but it smells amazing I can tell you that and it's not greasy like some sun products you can use. The RRP for this is £19.99 and I have two of them that's £40 worth of product in two things. 
My next item out the box is an after sun product from the company de bruyere . Again like I said in the last post I can't do a full review on this one as the British summer just hasn't let me. Really annoying but it amazing it has a really nice scent to it and leaves my skin really soft. The RRP for is is £9.48 seems such a random price. 

The final product in this month is from spa to you with the natural Konjac sponge. I've been wanting one of these for ages but haven't wanted to pay out the expense for them. At £6.99 it's not that expensive but when you have to replace then every 6/8 weeks it could get an expensive habit. Anyway I've been using this for about 4 weeks now and I can say it's made a small difference to my skin. But if I can get one cheaper then I'll carry on using them. 

This concludes the June Glossybox and my review 

Thank you for reading 

Lauren xox 

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