Sunday, 5 June 2016

First review items have come

Hello guys 

I got home from hospital late last night to discover some of my review items have arrived which in so so excited about. 

First to come was From the great dairy collective 
Who kindly sent out 2x 25p off coupons and and coupon for a free big tub of their yogurt
Secondly was from Aleva naturals who have kindly sent their stretch mark cream, calendula balm, sleep easy calming lotion and bamboo baby wipes.
Next was from beautify skin who have sent 3 boxes of their help skin jellies in green apple flavour. 
And lastly today I got 4 cans of drink to try from scheckters organic to try. I've not had a chance to photograph them as of yet. 

If you give me a few days to try out the products I shall add the reviews on to my blog :)

Thanks for reading 

Lauren xox 

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