Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hello again

Hello ladies and gents 

Sorry for the delay over the past few days . I've been trying to get better from this kidney infection which I got to go home from hospital on Saturday but sadly got rushed back in this afternoon really poorly again. I'm currently writing this from my ED Bed until I get a ward bed. To be honest I feel a lot worse than I did before. So cannulas back in and fluids up and running again. 

Well I was in last week I had a chance to apply to companies to review some products to go on the blog. So far I've had around 10 companies agree to send out some products or vouchers/coupons to be able to purchase their products which in very excited about. 

I'm going to spend my evening hunting out other company's to contact. (This is the perks of been looked after in the hospital I work in- free staff wifi) 

I'm pretty serious about getting my blog up and running properly again and want to try and blog everyday.

So for now I'm going to try and get some sleep because morphine has completely zonked me.

I'll leave you with a few hospital snaps. Thank you 

Lauren XoX

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