Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pure Potions skin salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment and Intensive Hand Cream

Hello Everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Today i am reviewing two products that were kindly sent to me Pure Potions. The 2 items sent were from their skin salvaltions range as i explained to them that i suffer from quite difficultly managed eczema. 

Pure Potions Kindly sent me their intensive moisturising ointment and the intensive hand cream.

i started using the intensive hand cream first as it seem to make more sense for during the day. i Always worry about using new skin products as my eczema is so sensitive and reacts at the mildest of creams. But as soon as I put the hand cream on my skin felt instantly relieved which I was shocked about. I was quite optimistic about using it now and I set my self a target of 7 days to give it a chance to work. And by day 3/4 you could hardly tell I had eczema anymore. I was using the hand cream along side the intensive moisturising ointment at night which I will now move on to in my review. 

As I said before I'm quite skeptical about new skin creams and ointments but I can honestly say I am so impressed by the results of the ointment. I limited myself to using only overnight so I could give it the overnight time to moisturise and soften my skin. At first I will be honest I thought it was slightly greasy but once it had soaked in a bit the ointment felt just like a normal cream and wasn't too heavy. 
When I woke up in the morning my skin was impressively soft and there was a dry patch in sight. 

Overall i am thoughly impressed by both products as will certainly be prepared to purchase them in the future, As I work in a hospital I find constant hand washing is the only down side so having the hand cream available in a small size was really handy to keep in my pocket to use as required after washing my hands a few times. 

I once again want to thank pure potions for allowing me to try these two products and will be willing to try any Future products they may have in the future. 

Thank you for reading 

Lauren xox

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