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Bubble tea review

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My blog post this morning is a review on a product that i received in the March pink parcel. 

The company is called BubbleT cosmetics and they specialise in bath and body products. Here's a bit of information from the BubbleT cosmetics website.

"We have been inspired by the taiwanese drink invented during the 1980’s. It is advertised across asia as a colourful and vibrant drink, catching your attention from first glance.

The idea for introducing the concept into a bath and body range came as we returned from a trip to asia to notice the opening of many bubble tea stores across vibrant parts of the UK’s city centres such as London’s West End and across Manchester.

The concept of the drink is simple – it is a tea base blended with a fruit of choice. However, what distinguishes the drink is the tapioca balls that lay at the bottom. This ingredient adds the unusual wow factor to the drink.

We work to the philosophy that our products should not just look and smell good but should leave you feeling good too.

Working alongside industry experts, we have crafted and blended a divine combination of rich tea based infusions, mixed with fruit essence and extracts.

The properties of tea are well known across the globe. Different teas can provide benefits in different ways such as aiding sleep, speeding up blood circulation and even waking you up!

Our extensive research has helped us to combine different benefits offered by tea as an ingredient in toiletries to create a range which replenishes, cleanses and hydrates your skin as well as provide a long lasting fresh smell.

Tea is something which is a part of many different cultures. The British and Chinese are two prime examples of how such a simple ingredient can become a lifelong obsession.

There are a multitude of tea companies who have revolutionised the way we enjoy tea with their incredibly extensive and fragrant tea combinations, ranging from spices to fruits. This has created an increased awareness of different tea leaves, blends and infusions.

There are many acknowledged properties and benefits gained from drinking tea which is another reason for its strong following.

The bubble tea craze has progressively increased since the 1980’s and has branched out all across China, Europe, North America and The Middle East."

bubble tea

I received two pink parcel boxes for March by mistake to I got two different products from this company. In my first box I received the hibiscus and açai berry tea restoring hand cream. 

The bottle is a full size product at 100ml the RRP is £5. 

I am a sufferer from quite bad eczema and was apprehensive about trying this as most flavoured skin care product make my skin flare up instantly, but as I work at my local hospital I'm constantly washing my hands which leaves my skin dry and sore so I took this to work with me and tried it after washing my hands. I was amazed that my skin didn't flare up and it left my hands feeling soft and revitalised. They were also left smelling amazing as the cream has this most amazing scent to it. 

I don't have any negative points this cream apart from when the bottle gets near the end I can see it been difficult to get out but I suppose giving it a good shake will hopefully dislodge any cream that's stuck at the end. 

The second product I received in my second box was the Moroccan mint tea reviving fizzy bath bombs. 

This again is a full size product and contains 7 x 8g bath bombs and the RRP is £6 

Again like before I was worried about trying them because of my eczema but once again I was presently surprised by the lack of reaction. 
I put one in my bath and let it fizz up and it made my bath smell amazing and fresh, I was expecting it to sting when I got in the bath but it was absolutely fine. 

When I got out the bath my skin felt revived and moisturised and I was super impressed. Once again I have no negative points about this product. 

Finally I'm so pleased that I got to try out these BubbleT  products. All the products are not tested on animals and are paraben, SLS & SLES free. I certainly cannot fault this company. I've linked the website below so you can check it out for yourself! 

Thanks for reading 

Lauren XOX 

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