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Beond and pulsin review

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Just a quick review on a company I wrote to called pulsin and beond. They are a company that make natural snack and protein bars.From what I have read they are a fairly new company but also I've never seen them in any of the local health food shops. Here is an extract that's been taken from the pulsin and beond website.

About Pulsin'

At Pulsin' we make natural protein bars, protein powders and healthy treats that are as good for you as they taste. Packed full of natural ingredients and organic goodness, our products are free from nasties, high in protein and low GI, making them perfect for the whole family.

Our dream is to...

  • Give people superpower through health-boosting energy foods
  • Make incredible-tastingproducts that don't cost the earth
  • Lead the pack when it comes to product development
  • Contribute to a happy, healthy world filled with happy, healthy people

Our products

We use only the most high-quality natural ingredients, never compromise on taste, and never add anything artificial (including GM ingredients). Our range of natural protein bars, plant-based protein powders and healthy treats are dedicatedly designed to:

  • Give you sustained energy release
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Make you feel fuller for longer
  • Support healthy body function
  • Boost your brainpower
  • Enrich your life

We use a lot of protein. Why you might ask?
Well, your body needs protein nearly as much as your lungs need air. Protein is essential for healthy body function, strong muscles, healthy skin, nails and hair.

Athletes often use protein to build muscle mass and to power their workouts.
Protein is also needed to keep your immune system functioning at full throttle and to fight off infection, which is why it's often used as a supplement to support people recovering from illness.

Adding protein to your diet also helps balance out blood sugar levels, helping you avoid those horrible mid-afternoon slumps. And, as if that wasn't enough, protein can also help support a weight-loss diet as it helps the body burn fat and can stave off hunger pangs between meals.

Our products are especially great for:

  • Sports people looking for a pre- or post-exercise boost
  • People watching their weightand looking to burn fat without losing muscle
  • Children who are hungry between meals
  • Busy mums on the go needing a natural energy lift
  • Anyone recovering from illness
They were very quick at sending the bars out to me after I emailed them. 

I received 3 different flavour bars: the beond organic açai berry flavour, the  pulsin almond and raisin raw choc brownie and the pulsin mint choc chip protein bar. 

The first bar I tried was the açai berry bar. I wasn't looking forward to trying it as its main ingredient was dates and I'm not keen on them. I opened the packet and was hit by the really fruity smell which was actually quite nice :) 

I took one bite of it but really wasn't all that keen on it but I'm not sure if that was the fruity taste or the texture of it, i left that bar after one bite. 

The next bar I tried was the almond and raisin raw choc brownie. 

This bar was completely different to the first bar, it was much more dense and had an amazing taste to it.even though it contained dates you couldn't taste then in this bar. It actually tasted like a proper chocolate brownie that you would get in a supermarket or bakery. The almonds in it gave it the most amazing crunch added extra flavour. This was definitely better than the first one. 

The final bar was the mint choc chop protein bar. It was smaller than the other two bars at only 25g. I was instantly hit by the minty smell.  

This bar was more like a fudge consistency. It was really yummy and the cereal bits in the bar made it taste even better. I didn't finish off any of the bars at the time of the review but I can definitely say that my favourite was the almond and raisin brownie and I'm definitely considering buying this one again if I can find it in health food shops. 

Here is the link for the pulsin website Check it out and contact them and see if you can try their products.

Thanks for reading

Lauren XoX

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