Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pink Parcel Review

Good morning Everyone

Welcome back to my blog, this post is reviewing my new subscription box, Pink Parcel. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription for ladies and their periods. On the website when you sign up it asks you what sort of sanitary things do you want such as towels or tampons.  I Chose tampax pearls regular because that's my normal product.

The box fits through a standard letter box and comes In a discreet jiffy bag

The inside of the box with the 3 boxes and the little handy handbag pouch and tampax instructions

Love this little handy pouch to keep in my handbag, love the fact that it contained 5 tampax already
the 2 extra boxes of tampax to keep at home or refill the handy pouch, each box contains 10 tampax each so the tampax alone have a retail price of about £3.50

Ive left the most exciting bit till last. its pretty amazing what you get as a little treat for yourself to make yourself feel a little bit more relaxed and cheer you up during your period.

Inside it contained:
A tea Pigs Chocolate flake tea pyramid
A PawPaw intensive skin moisturiser balm with RRP's at £5.99
A divine caramel dark chocolate bar 40g RRP £1.00
Bubble T baths and body hibiscus & Acai Berry hand cream RRP £5.00
O.P.I Nail Lacquer in sing in colour RRP £8.95
so as you can see the contents definitely beats the £9.99 subscription cost. I can assure you all that Im very impressed with the first box.
thanks for reading much appreciated

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