Friday, 20 March 2015

freebies catch up end of feb

Morning everyone
im sorry about the lack of posts recently my life has been hectic with work and sorting thing out for my operation in 4 weeks,
these freebies are from the end of February so im sorry again for the delay in posting them.
the first freebie is from the tanning shop, just a sample of their black amber tanning lotion
my next freebie is from re-on they are a company that produce caffeine strips.
I chose the blackcurrant and fresh flavour, I tried one strip and didn't really like it as it left an awful after taste to it.
next up is from just wipe and they supply samples of oil cloth and tablecloth friendly materials

next up is from Kleenex, I know a lot of people have had this freebies, you just had to sign up on their website and fill In a few details in order to get the box with the pocket pack of tissue, a 50p of coupon and a card
finally is from herbal essences and its a sample of the hair oil to keep hair soft and shiny.
thanks for reading this post :)

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