Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My manufacturer coupons

Good afternoon 

Thank you for all your page views. Today post is going to be about all my manufacturer coupons that I've collected over the past few weeks.

 These coupons were from sending in a compliment to Kellogg's. I received £3 off either Kellogg's cereals or Pringles Crisp.ive already used £1 on cereal.

The next coupons were from method cleaning company. They sent me £2 off their cleaning range.
I recieved £4 from the great dairy collective and a nice magnet

I received £3 from Sacla pestos

 1 free pouch of Ella's kitchen stage one baby food.
I received £1 off kingsmill, sunblest,burgen or allinson bread, or If you get the right deals a possible free loaf.
I received 4 x 50p off yeo valley yogurt after writing to them and asking to try their products

I received 5 x 30p off koko dairy free drinks after asking to try their products

I received this £2 off coupon for rescue remedies with a 4 piece sample pack if the orange and elderflower tablets

I got this 30p off ovaltine with a sample of the original ovaltine.

These are all my coupons from manufactures.

Thank you for reading my blog

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