Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stripease sugar wax hair removal

Last month I was kindly sent a pot of the sugar stripease  wax hair remover. 

The product contained the following 
* a 250ml pot of the sugar stripease with cover
*15 reusable/washable wax strips
* 3 splatulas for applications 
* instructions  

I am using this quote from the sugar stripease website which I will link below at the bottom of my post. 

"Sugar StripEase is a truly unique hair removal product made from 100% natural ingredients. Our specialist blend of sugar syrup and water provides the most gentlest and smoothest treatment of hair removal."

I first used this after I had soaked in the bath, I thought this would be the best bet as the pore would be open more to make  the hair removal easier and less painful. I was quite sceptical about trying this wax as I have had a bad experience in the past using home wax. When I opened the product and took off the protective cover I was quite pleasantly surprised. The wax smelt absolutely Devine and sweet not like other waxes where they have an awful chemical smell. 

I read through the instructions popped the pot in the microwave for the stated time. The wax came out and it was lovely and runny and wasn't scalding hot and was able to put straight on to my skin without burning myself. I used the large spatula as I was putting a largish amount on my legs. Once the was in place I popped a clean strip which are non-fraying and washable after use, I pressed down and 3…2…1… pull. I was so surprised how much it didn't hurt. I carried on the process on both legs and the best bit was that the wax just dissolves with warm water so it's easy to remove the Excess wax without having to scrub it off. 

All the products made by sugar stripease are all cruelty free and none are tested on animals. 

You can purchase the sugar stripease wax kit with the strips and spatulas fro £9.99 on the website linked below or at the following retailers:
Love lula 
Feel unique.Com 
And many other retailers.

The website can be Found here: 

Thank you for reading and give me a thumbs up and any comments will be answered fairly quickly.

Lauren xox

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