Friday, 29 July 2016

Aleva skincare review

About 6 weeks ago i contacted Aleva naturals who are an skin care brand who specialise in baby skin care products. As a suffer of really sensitive skin I wrote to them explaining this to them and they were really kind enough to let me chose some products to try and review for them. 

I chose the following four products to try 
* bamboo baby wipes
* sleep easy calming lotion 
* calendula cream 
* stretch mark cream 

I will link my reasons for choosing each product on the review below.

The first product I chose to review was the bamboo baby wipes which came in a pack of 30 wipes. They are unscented and have no parfumes like other brand of wipes, I've been keeping these in my handbag for freshening up during the day and using them while I've been in and out of hospital because they are ideal to have a quick wipe down with. They didn't irritate my skin like other branded wipes have done in the past. I would definitely consider buying these again after j have finished using these wipes. The RRP for these are $27.70 Canadian dollars (which is about £16) for 420 wipes. 

The second product I chose to try was the sleep easy calming lotion as my I thought this would be great to put on my skin after a long day at work and nice bath and would help me sleep after with the lavender found in it.its quite a large bottle at 240 ml so should last a whole as I'm only using small amounts at a time. The RRP for this product is $6.98 (which is about £4.24) depending how long this product lasts I may consider purchasing this again. So far I'm really happy with it.

The Third product I chose to review is the calendula cream. The main reason I chose this product is because I suffer from bad eczema. This cream is usually so expensive to buy in the uk so I thought I would review it as well as saving my skin. It really helps with severe flare ups as its a natural cream which is unscented and has no colourings in it. The cream is ideal as it is a multipurpose cream so can be used on cracked skin, cracked and chapped lips, cracked heals, sunburn relief and many other uses, I would definitely be buying this cream again what ever the price as this has been a life saver the past few weeks. The cost of this cream is $12.99 (which Is about £7.50) for 50 mls which is small but like I said it's a lifesaver. 

The fourth and final product I chose was from the maternal range, I chose the stretch mark cream as I put on a lot of weight a few years ago and ended up quite stood out stretch marks, even with losing the weight I still had the stretch marks, even though I've only been using the cream for a maximum of 5 weeks I've started to notice a change already, the marks have started to fade already and aren't looking so angry or purple any more. I have the 100 ml tube so should last me a while but to repurchase it, it will cost me $14.93 (which is about £8.63)

I have really enjoyed working with Aleva and would definitely consider working with them again in the future if I had the chance. 

As a fairly new company to the UK you can check out their products on their website by clicking the link below. I've had such pleasure and kindness when communicating with their employees..

* as a disclaimer all the product in this blog post were sent free of charge by the company in return for the blog post* also all the converted prices are correct at time of writing*  

Thank you for reading like and follow my blog 

See you all again soon 
Lauren xox

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