Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Guess where I am- 3rd hospital visit

Well I'm sure you can all guess where I am. I am back in hospital again, this time I am a lot worse than I was before. 

I went to my gp surgery after starting to feel unwell over the weekend but not severe enough to be seen while I was up in the village. So cut a long story short I got to my gp yesterday at around 4pm I felt in pain but well enough to drive myself there and back. He checked my observations and said that i was close to becoming severely dehydrated so he rung the medical admitting doctors at the main hospital who said I was to come in as soon as I could get there so I went to see my best friends parents to see if I could get a lift to the hospital as my mum doesn't drive and my dad didn't answer his phone. So I went home and had a shower and phyl came and picked me up at half 6. Got to A & E at around 7 then the waiting began. I was seen by the triage nurse around 30 minutes after I arrived and she did all the observations again and put me in a que to be seen my the medical doctors. Then I started to be sick. 6 times I was sick between 8-10 before they moved me into the cubicles  where I was given some oral morphine then was left until 11 when they found me a bed on a ward. Then the nurse realised that I hadn't had any blood taken or a cannula put in so she had to quickly do it before going upstairs to the ward.  To out it lightly I had a shocking nights sleep because of the stupid amount of pain and sickness.. 

This morning I'm still been sick and I'm super super tired and in pain so have to wait for a CT scan to be done so they can look a bit more easier..

I shall keep you all updated over the coming days. 
Thank you for reading 
Lauren xox

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