Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Coconut lane-mini review

Hello girls and guys. 

Today was an exciting day for me (well this morning was) the postman bought me my first ever coconut lane order, last week I was accepted to be a coconut queen which is a small blogger scheme run by coconut lane.

Once you sign up the lovely ladies at coconut lane will email you with your unique blogger discount code to share with your readers across all your networks and they issue you with a code just for you to get money off which is unique to you. 

Here's a little bit more information about becoming a Coconut Queen.
* exclusive 30% discount, this can be used on all products at all times 
*20% discount for all your followers 
* 25% commission every time your code is used 
* the chance to run regular giveaways with coconut lane ( I'm looking forward to this) 
* earn queen rewards, earn £10 coconut queen voucher for been a hard working queen
*get featured across the coconut lane social networks 
*having the option to write guest blogs on coconut lane 
*having your photos published and credited on coconut lane
*having the optional coconut lane bloggers badge featuring your own unique discount code 

If this doesn't entice you then I'm not sure what would! 

I need to find out how to get my Coconut Queen Badge to add to my blog with my other blogger programme badges. 

I would be so grateful if anyone does visit that they use my unique code laurenriley20 

This will enable you to have 20% off your orders. 

So on to my first order that come today, on Friday I received an email to say it was national donut day and if you ordered anything on the website they would give you a "I donut care" plain paged notebook. To be eligible for this i fell in love with the most amazing socks on there, they are Leonardo decaprio socks and anyone that knows me well will know how much I love Leo 😍. 

Here is a picture of my order
They are the most amazing socks ever and they are made so they super comfy. The note book is coming really handy for planning my blog and keeping track of PR companies who I have contacted. 

Thank you for reading 
  Lauren xox 

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