Saturday, 28 May 2016

Apologies once again

Hello ladies and gentlemen

One again my sincere apologies for not having any posts up for a long time, to cut a long story short I've been in the middle of a move so haven't had much of a chance to write to company's in order to get some review products. 

I've started applying once again to get some so hopefully over the next few weeks I shall have some products to show off to you all. 

To catch up with my life I'm currently in hospital with a really bad kidney infection and kidney stones so I am having strong antibiotics and painkillers in order to get rid of them.  

I've got  a few freebies to put on a freebie post when I get home and few bits and pieces that I picked up along the way the past few months from various companies but nothing to major. 

So from here I shall say thank you for sticking by me and happy reading. 


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