Thursday, 4 June 2015

Munchy seeds

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

I was kindly sent some lovely goodies from munchy seeds a few weeks back its just taken a while to get it write up.

The lovely people sent me the following:
2 packs of super sprinkles
A pack of omega sprinkles 
A pack  of honey sprinkles 
A pack of chilli sprinkles 
A pack of choccy gingers 
A pack of chocolate apricot 
A pack of roasted sprinkles 
And a full size tub of crunchy bites

So far I've try the chilli sprinkles, the roasted sprinkles and the chocolate apricots. I found these really tasty especially the chilli ones which weren't overly spicy as I'm not keen on spicy food. They filled me up quite nicely and were handy to put in my hand bag for the train I was on. I also enjoyed the choccy apricots as I'd never tried anything like this before and they gave me boost after doing some exercise. 

The honey sprinkles I actually gave away due to having a serious honey allergy. 
I'm really looking forward to trying the rest of the goodies that were sent to me over the next coming weeks. 

Thank you once again to munchy seeds for sending me these lovely treats. 

Thanks for reading guys 
Lauren xox 

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