Monday, 13 April 2015

Life catch Up

Good Evening girls and guys

Once again sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks, ive got a bag of freebies that i need to do a video on but that will have be in the morning as its 930 at night and after a long day at work i'm really looking forward to going to sleep haha. ive only got one more day then im off work for 8 weeks as im having a hand operation on friday which i can't wait to finally get sorted after just over 2 years.

Then next week will be hectic as got lots of things going on which im not going to go into on here as they are personal.

so the last week has been super busy as ive had a week off and ive done so much with my time, so starting with monday it was a bank holiday so me and a few friends went out for some food then headed off to the beach close by, its been beautiful weather down here in Cornwall so the shorts came out last week and if you follow me on instagram (@lauren_riley93) youll see how tanned were getting now, so many leg shots on there haha.

this week has also brought hours and hours of fun with mine and Trewens Nephews Jaydan and Pj, weve been to town, weve been to the park twice and took them to have their haircut. These two little boys have kept me going the last 8 months without trewen around. The little one Pj is a spitting image of Trewie when he was little and Jaydan has Trewens kind and relaxed nature, everytime i go to see them they come bounding down the hallway shout for their aunty lolly.

not much else has happened this week to be honest. ill film my freebies video tomorrow and then post that on youtube straight after. I have done a get ready with me tag video on youtube but not uploaded it yet as its 33 minutes long!

ill try and update again in the next few days

thanks for reading


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