Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Water wipes review

hello guys

hope your all well, this is my first blog post in about 8 weeks just down to been so busy at work and not really have much time to get any review items. but today ive got a couple of items to review for you all.

ill be starting with the massive amount of items i got from water wipes. I contacted them only early last week and on friday i came home to a massive box, inside was a 4 pack of the waterwipes themselves which retails at about £8 in boots and 4 packs of the sensitive make up remover wipes which can be used as general face wipes also.

only 3 of the make up remover wipes remain as ive started to use them already and i have a pack of waterwipes already open too.

i love using this wipes, i feel that my skin does not feel dry or tight after using them like you can get with other brands of wetwipes, i suffer from very dry skin and also suffer from eczema on my face so i need to be particularly careful with what products i use on my face.

Baby wipes contain a huge amount of ingredients of which a lot of them are harsh chemicals. Baby’s skin is 5 to 7 times thinner than an adult skin. If you consider you may change baby up to 10 times a day, that’s 70 diaper changes a week. This is a lot of chemicals to apply on baby’s skin. Especially from birth. An adult would not do it on their own skin so why would you on a baby’s skin.
Some of the main baby wipes brands, eco-friendly, organic or so called ‘natural’ baby wipes brand you may have at home or your local Target store still contain a lot of chemicals. Harsh chemicals.
WaterWipes are the only baby wipes containing no chemicals but only two ingredients: purified water @ 99.9% and Grapefruit seed extract @ 0.1% . That’s it! Nothing else!
WaterWipes can be used by anyone who have a sensitive skin, from newborn babies to toddler, children and adults. WaterWipes is the only baby wipe to be ever approved by the independent Allergy UK which means that anyone with a skin condition like eczema, psioriasis, dermatitis, ect can use WaterWipes without any harm , rash, sting or tight effect. It is just pure water.

here is waterwipes facebook page you can also have a look at

thanks for reading guys 

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