Friday, 13 June 2014

Freebies post week 6-13 June

Hello folks

Sorry for the delay in this freebies post. This post is from the 6th to 13th June.i haven't had the chance to photograph all the samples and freebies yet so will either add them In later or in the next post.

To start this week this sample came a few weeks ago but only just took the photo is the peanut protein ball from bounce.

The next freeby is from sampleyes and it is a full size product of the vimto squeezy juice to add to contains 25 servings.

The next freeby is a review product which you can find in another post. It was a chocolate milk full size product also.

I contacted spa tone to get some samples of their apple flavoured iron top ups. There ideal for pregnancies also.
Next are my coupons I've received this week.
I recieved various tesco coupons for the baby event.

I finally got my free sma toddler milk carton voucher.
The final coupon this week is 50p off Colgate pro sensitive.

That's all for now folks, thanks for reading.
Lauren =)

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