Sunday, 25 May 2014

Welcome back

A big good evening to you all!

I want to start with a massive apology from myself as I haven't really updated the blog recently but I have been learning how to use it properly this week so can update it whenever I get some products to review and get freebies and samples.

To start with I've received some fantastic freebies and samples which I can include some photos of a few of them as I haven't taken photos of them all yet and also I've written to a few companies looking to review any products to review.

The first freebie on Saturday was some really pretty fabric samples from
I'm going to use these samples as part of a scrapbook I'm making. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of these but I'll add them on my next post.

The next freebie I received was from purina for a free 400g bag of the feline range.
Free bag of cat food.

The next freebie was from a complaint to Jacobs the cracker manufacturer after buying 3 packs of cream crackers and all but a few were smashed up. They were very generous by sending me £6.00 in money off vouchers to replace the damaged ones.i can also use these off mcvities,go ahead, carrs and crawfords so these will come in handy.
£6.00 of vouchers 

My next freebie of Saturday was two 10 wipes packs of limited edition femfresh which were a freebie on magic freebies and latest free stuff, they were still free on the femfresh website
2 limited edition packs of femfresh wipes.
Well that's all for today. Thank you for reading.

Lauren :) 

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